Why Your Websites Design Is Important For SEO

By | October 20, 2017

Although many people focus on link building and content marketing when it comes to SEO strategies. The design and structure of the website itself should not be forgotten when it comes to search engine optimisation. These is little point starting a full SEO strategy if you haven’t considered the websites design and layout and whether this will hinder your hard work. If you are looking to build a new website, luckily these days it is possible to get a balance between user experience and crawlability. Many web design professionals like the team at Fabric offer custom website designed to not only capture leads but to work with SEO.

After all the way, your website is designed is usually solely for good user experience, this does not necessarily make it easy for google or other search engines to crawl and index. But when considering SEO, you need to consider a both how the back end and front end look through the eyes of search engines. Actually, there are many areas of web design that search engines look at when deciding how your website ranks against other similar websites. We will cover some of the most important elements of your website to consider when trying to improve your rankings on search engines.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Having mobile friendly web design is becoming more important, not only due to the drastic rise in use of mobile devices. It is also important due to googles changes in their ranking algorithm. Google now favours mobile friendly websites, which means if your website is not optimised for mobile use, you will be penalised when it comes to SEO rankings.

  1. Crawlability

Crawlability is defined as the ability for search engine robots to crawl and index the pages on your website. It is very difficult to improve your search engine rankings if you have poor crawlability. There are many things that can negatively affect crawlability such as broken links, poor site structure and redirects. These factors affect the search engine’s ability to access specific content and parts of your website site.

  1. Sitemaps

Sitemaps are vital for SEO because they make it easy for search engines to find your site’s pages. This is important as search engines do not only rank URL they rank individual pages as well. So, it is important that they can find each of your pages easily. Having a good site map is especially important if you have a newly created website, as it will help you get up the rankings faster.

Although it is important to focus on user experience when designing a website, it is also important to consider SEO and how easy it will be for Google to index and crawl your website. As through taking this into consideration when designing a new website will save you time and money in the long run, as when it comes to beginning SEO it will be a lot easier to begin moving up the ranks.

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