Web Design for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

By | December 2, 2016

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important facets of a website’s success or failure. SEO is a big topic, but it’s pretty easy to explain. Websites want to show up right at the top of search engine results for keywords searches closely related with their content. If you have a website on dog food reviews, you’ll get way more traffic to your site if you are the number one result on Google every time someone searches “dog food reviews”. No one denies that SEO is important, but it is rarely mentioned in the same sentence as “web design”. Even so, web design is an important stage in which to lay the groundwork for great SEO. Here’s how it works.


Google has a lot of ways that they check your website for relevance to keyword searches. One of the most relevant is the blog. Regardless of what your website is, it should have a blog or some other content publishing page built into it by your web designer. On this page, you should regularly publish content that contains many specific keywords. It’s easy to research keyword phrases. Content that has lots of keywords put in the first couple of paragraphs will be visible to Google and other search algorithms. If you want to better understand how to implement SEO tactics like these from a web designer’s perspective, contact the folks at https://www.wsidigitalweb.co.uk/ .

There are many other ways to build SEO directly into a site during the web design stage. Sites contain lots of images. Each image should contain keyword phrases in its file name. Believe it or not, these are also searchable by Google. Using keyword phrases, separated by hyphens, in the image names of every image on your site will provide an invisible magnet to Google traffic. It’s also important to have a web designer or webmaster who is charged with updating keywords and metadata information on each piece of content published. Use every opportunity to identify your brand with specific keywords. Talk to your web designer about more ways to succeed in this way.

There are endless other ways to build SEO opportunities directly into your website’s architecture. There are many “invisible” pages that can be created, jam packed full of relevant material, which will function as attractions to Google and other search algorithms, without ever being visible to readers.

SEO is one of the most important fields in modern marketing. The best-performing sites, from an SEO perspective, have SEO built into every bit of structure all throughout the site. A good web designer will have a lot of knowledge about SEO and will understand up-to-date methods for scoring big on Search Engine Optimization. Google and the other search giants are always changing their search algorithms, so SEO is a moving target. Communicate regularly with your web designer to always hone your SEO strategy to fit today’s SEO requirements for success. After a while this will become natural, and you’ll enjoy a lot of great traffic as a result.

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