Top five most memorable Nintendo characters ever

By | August 1, 2013

Eleven of Nintendo’s games made the top 50 Guinness World Records list of best game characters ever. Of those, some were obvious choices, but others were more obscure. But the top five have remained dear to the heart of Nintendo fanatics for many years, each having a passionate following due to their skills in gameplay. Here is our readers’ list of the top five most memorable Nintendo characters.

Mario (1981)

Mario (1981)

Mario, as one fan put it, is not just a character, he is Nintendo’s mascot. One of the earliest video games, Mario Brothers were an instant hit with players. Mario followers have remained extremely attached to their favourite plumber. He can throw fireballs, grow to twice his size and now, with the development of the game in recent years, he can drive a complex track in his racing car. Mario battles with a fire breathing dragon, stomps on his enemies and turns into a half fox. There is certainly no shortage of action.

Kirby (1992)

The Kirby video game series has many avid fans and Kirby himself has become something of a legend. Although he looks like a harmless pink blob, citizen of Dreamland, he is actually capable of destroying his enemies by inhaling them, sucking their energy and spitting them out again. Hardly soft and fluffy. Despite that he has huge appeal. Those who are looking to get rid of your Nintendo DS for cash might think again when confronted by that appealing pink blob.


Link, from the Legend of Zelda, is a great favourite with gamers. She has several different incarnations, but most often is a child or teenager from the Hylian race who reside in Hyrule. She travels across Hyrule, cutting a swathe through evil creatures and sinister forces. She meets with her nemesis, Ganon whilst attempting to rescue Princes Zelda, using her Master Sword and Light Arrows to help Zelda regain control of her kingdom. She appeals to gamers who admire her strength, resolution and awesome fighting skills.

Samus Aran (1986)

Protagonist of the Metroid action game, Samus Aran is an intergalactic bounty hunter, who wears a powered armoured suit, complete with built in weaponry. Another feisty female character, she attempts to hunt down Space Pirates and their evil leader Ridley, all the while trying to avoid being defeated by energy sucking Metroids. Lauded as one of the first action female characters in video game history and is held in great affection by her followers. Metroid is still one of the most popular Nintendo games of all time.

Donkey Kong (1981)

It may be a surprise to see Donkey Kong still cutting the mustard with Nintendo fans. This early gorilla character was most peoples’ first introduction to video games and his memory lives on. The single-screen platform game involved simple gameplay, with the Donkey Kong fighting the Kremlings – a gang of evil crocodiles. Not sophisticated and no match for today’s gamers, but for retro fun with barrels for weapons, Donkey Kong lives on.

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