Top 7 WordPress Themes for Plumbers

By | April 23, 2016

Plumbing and web design are practically at the other end of the spectrum from each other. On one hand you have a laborious job fit for a handyman, and on the other hand you have a tedious computer job fit for a techie. In other words, there are probably very few plumbers that could double as web designers in their spare time. Fortunately, any plumber who is interested in launching a website to attract additional leads will be happy to know that there are already plenty of plumbing site templates available for WordPress. With that said here, are seven of the most popular and useful WordPress themes for plumbers:

Image Credit: Royal Free Photo

Image Credit: Royal Free Photo

1. The Plumber

This theme comes loaded with tons of stock imagery related to the plumbing industry and is designed to be simple yet effective. With a media-oriented layout and a convenient navigation bar at the top, this theme would be suitable for any local plumbing business.

2. Plumber Worker

Built for trades people and laborers, this template comes in three styles – outside workers, builder workers, and indoor workers (this is the category plumbers would fit in). The header and footer are very processional looking and create a nice contrast with the page content.

3. Responsive Plumber

This renovation and construction theme is ideal for any plumber looking to have their website compatible with all devices and display sizes. This template incorporates call to action buttons laid on top of an appealing picture at the top, while a scroll down reveals more information and links below the fold.

4. Simple Plumber

This is actually a variation of the Simple Business theme, which, as the name implies, is very simplistic and minimal. A large background image takes the forefront of the design, with a straightforward navigation menu positioned along the upper left. To make the design more fitting to your business you could insert an image of some of the equipment you use (i.e. – a photo of a plumber using a Rice hydrostatic test pump).

5. Ultraviolet Plumbing

This template has an exotic design theme, with interesting colors and textures giving a more bespoke appearance. Although the menu items aren’t as polished as some of the other templates on this list, it is a notable option for anyone who likes the unique aesthetics it provides.

6. Innovation Plumbing

Although this template isn’t as modern as some of its competitors, it does a great job of giving the impression that your plumbing business is a humble local outlet. There are convenient share and follow buttons located in the upper right, with a basic navigation bar situated along the upper left.

7. Oriel Plumber

This is by far one of the most modern templates we’ve listed here, but it is also less specific to plumbing, with a stronger focus being put on painting, furniture, and consulting agencies. Still, the design itself is perfect for a plumbing business and can be easily modified to fit your needs with the addition of a few images.

Any Template Will Work to Start With

If you’re having trouble deciding between the templates above, keep in mind that it is easy to change the theme of a WordPress site without altering the written content, so this is not necessarily a permanent design decision. Still, being that the above are paid premium themes, be sure to take your time during your initial comparison to save yourself the hassle and cost of having to switch later on.

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