Top 5 Tips to Increase Excellent User Experience

By | January 24, 2017

With respect to blog it is important to maintain good looking profile so as attract users intention. Though we have to be with proper and apt matter we have to maintain proper user friendly environment on their profile. This is not tough matter as anyone can do pretty things with basic guidance. The most readable typefaces make any user to easily go through the matter easily and do not draw a lot of attention to themselves as it is waste of time. For basic guidelines here providing some tips to increase excellent user experience of your blog.

Pictorial Representation:

Instead of using long sentences use pictorial representation to express anything. For instance if you want to show any percentage it is better to go for pie charts so that user can understand clearly in one shot. If you want to mention some Sensex it is better to go for bars or graphs for exact and time to time mentioning. Pictures express more than words and pictures take less time to understand and can convey exact information.

Line Spacing:

Maintaining proper line spacing is mandatory to create user experience. Line spacing make easy to read. Particularly when we are going for big paragraphs maintaining line spacing is very important. Line spacing depends on some key points like text size, screen width, font and many. For more info visit Blog


If you want to mention anything important in one big paragraph, better highlight that with different font or different color or different style. By this user finds easy to find what he/she wants exactly without wasting time and energy.


When you are going for long paragraphs we have to maintain proper proportions. Header and body font should be in proportions. There should be some proportion between body and header or side headings.

Block Letters:

Different designers have different ideas of express their thoughts and view. Text size and text style should be user agreeable that the optimal number of characters.

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