Top 5 Mistakes that Proves Bad Designer

By | January 8, 2017

All designers will makes mistakes and that is common which cannot be avoided completely. Although many designers don’t like to admit it as they cause design faults later on in our careers. When we start making our way we have to accept our mistakes as designers as every designer will make a lot of mistakes. Once you are working in a creative agency side you have to quickly learn what to do and what not to do. Here listed some common mistakes that every designer will make and we have to take care to avoid these mistakes.

  • Proceeding without clarity will create lot of mistakes. Some we can rectify later and we cannot change. So we have to be careful before proceeding itself. Without clarity of what the client wants we can make with our own idea or we cannot imagine client’s needs and ideas. Instead of that we need to read and understand the brief idea before starting and should think in that manner.
  • Using wrong shortcuts may also causes in doing mistakes. We are provided with many shortcuts like Photoshop which will sometimes lead to mistakes. This is a big challenge for designers to avoid mistakes using shortcuts.
  • Concentrating more on logo and neglecting context will also makes mistakes. We have to maintain equal importance to both context and logo.
  • Copying other designers is tough task as we have to show same change in context and logos. Gathering information is fine but straight copying other context is not encouraging.
  • Not arranging your required text in proper should be avoided. Proper maintenance of context is mandatory to attract users. People show interest in websites which are straight forward without any lagging.

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