Top 5 jQuery Plugins for Web Designer

By | January 22, 2017

jQuery is a huge library which was developed by John in 2006. This library is most helpful for designers. developing users and famous bloggers. More than half of the websites out on the internet are using Flat design interfaces including Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and others. As a designer, it is good to keep ourselves upgraded with the trends and plugins. It is better not to focus on software much. Instead of software implementations we can focus on teaching the principles which makes for better foundation quality flat design illustrations, graphics, plugins or websites.

TwentyTwenty: Generally we face problem when we want to place two images side-by-side. We do this to show the differences between two products or images. For this we can use this plugin which places one on top of the other. Users can drag a slider so that the bottom image shows enabling them to see what has changed in a before-and-after situation easily using this plugin.

Tabslet: This plugin will support and controls some routine actions rotation, custom events, deep linking and there is provision for lot of functionalities.

NanoGallery: NanoGallery is designed to minimize our image galleries. It provides multi-level navigation in albums and allows slideshow with full screen. It is touch enabled and responsive which supports cloud storage also.

Fit Text: This is a handy plugin which allows you to fill your content’s width. Whatever you type it provides automatically scaling the text size up or down. It is designed to facilitate proper headings and also integrates with Lettering.

Readable: Readable is a most user plugin which helps to make text blocks stay within the optimum parameters for readability. It makes too narrow or too wide which is easy for us to use and makes your paragraphs harder to scan.                                                                                                                                                                                        

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