Top 5 Basic Topography Tips for Homepage

By | March 15, 2016

Top 5 Basic Topography Tips for Homepage

An effective homepage is required to attract online browsers. Poorly designed homepage will not help to attract people’s attention. When they firstly visit your website, your welcome homepage should attract their intention. If you want people to stick to your website permanently, Homepage will play a prominent role. There are some basic elements like layout, colors, background, etc. which we have to be very careful while designing homepage.

Top 5 Tips for Homepage:

Proper Alignment: Providing with clumsy visual effect is not encouraging as it may create visual disturbance. Crowded design may create anxiety and confusion in potential customers. Friendly design is required that allows readers with understand more clearly.

Less is Better: Having more stuff in home page itself will not help for effective response. Less but straight matter is needed to get people’s attention.

Matter Consistency: Describing complete matter is not required. Try consisting your article and make visible only required and effective on the top.

Technology Based: Technology is updating daily and keeping this in mind it is better to concentrate on only technology based articles on the homepage. Design homepage such that it resembles entire your blog in single page. Nobody is interested what is inside if homepage is not up to the mark.

Unnecessary gaps: Maximum try to avoid unnecessary gaps as it creates some deficiency. Visual effects will create more appearance on the home page. If there are any gaps it creates some kind of visual deficiency in mind and may not attract user’s attention. First impression is the best impression and home page alone will indirectly describe our complete blog in detail. Hence it should be designed with proper topography.

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