Top 10 Common Tips for effective Design of Logo

By | January 23, 2017

Maintaining blog also includes designing effective logo. We have to design with attracting some effective colors and logos. Even though your blog has efficient and sufficient matter sometimes bad design of logo will make users to look for other blog. Logo should be with respect to our field. It should specify what kind of blog we are maintaining. Here providing some tips for effective Design of Logo.

  • Make as simple as possible. Complicated design will be difficult to understand and try avoiding complicated design. It is enough if it specifies main theme of our blog without any confusion. It will make web browsers to find our blog easily.
  • Flexibility and adaptability is also important in designing logo. And this will help you succeeding easily. It should be feasible to identify and to understand. Complicated logos make users confusion and will not allow looking into it clearly.
  • Logo should be unique. Try to design logo differently that it should look unique and easily identifiable.
  • Follow proper color themes. Color combinations make logo attractive and versatile.
  • Logo should specify on what topic our blog is based on and the content. It should indirectly tell about detail story what is inside the blog.
  • Don’t make too colorful or don’t make too bright. By this it looks so heavy and cannot easily understood to normal people.
  • Smart and innovative thinking is necessary while designing as it the main theme for web browsers.
  • After designing proper and perfect logo start publicity. Start using your logo on different media for publicity purpose.
  • Keep in mind shape and size of logo. This should not be too small or too large. Some optimum measurements are required for perfect fit.

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