Tips to Spread Your Ecommerce Brand through Instagram

By | March 12, 2016

Have you started an online business? Are you facing a trouble with the competition? Try to make yourself stand out with the help of the Instagram account. It helps you in gaining online customers as well as promotes your brand properly. Here are some of the ways:

Using Instagram

Create Consistency:  Consistency can build trust in people’s minds. Therefore, your Instagram images must show a certain amount of consistency. You can work on a particular color theme and can create some consistent visuals.

Make a List of Your Competition:  Whenever you are entering into the ecommerce market, you must create a list of your competition. For example, if you want to sell some handmade crafts, make a list of all the online stores which deals with similar kind of products.

Identify Your Preferences:  After you have gone through the sites of your competitors, you can accumulate some ideas from their branding strategies. Figure out what are the things working for them. Never forget to add your own preferences during the branding strategies through the Instagram.

Consistent Visual Imagery:  You can start your consistent imagery by applying the similar sizes for all the pictures. You can select an ideal size like 800*800 and can name your image according to the branding guide of the Instagram. After that, you must choose the fonts that you will use in your pictures. There can be different fonts for the title, subtitles and the main body.

Color Scheme:  If your ecommerce store is already live, you already possess a color scheme. If you are not having one, you can select the colorzila, which is an extension of Firefox and Google Chrome. By analyzing and applying the right colors, you can easily increase the Instagram likes.

Engage Audience through Inspirational Posts:  This is a very popular method of engaging the audience. With beautiful and inspirational posts, the audience will surely get attracted towards your brand. The main idea of Instagram is to share pictures and you make the most out of it by sharing the pictures of your products.

Use Hash tags:  Hash tags play a great role in connecting with the users. Similar to the keywords in Google ranking, hash tags are used to find pictures from the search sections in Instagram. When you are using the hash tags for your search, the top posts and the most recent posts can appear.

Entire Overall Engagement:  If you want an overall engagement of your ecommerce store, just think beyond the Instagram. You can make use of other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter to spread your posts very fast.

Hire Professional Photographers:  If you want your pictures to speak differently, you must hire professional photographers. When you obtain some awesome photos, just post them by adding a filter.

Time Your Posts:  You can also post your photos at the right time when all the users are socially active. According to a study, most of the Instagrammers remain active from Friday till Sunday. So you can start the posting activities after 5 pm on Friday and see how it reaches your audience.

Identify Influencers:  If you can identify influencers among the Instagram users, your work gets bit easy in nature. You may find out that one user possesses a huge number of followers who can be very useful for your niche. If you can connect and work with that particular person considering him as the influencer, you will surely notice the difference.

You can engage yourself in re-posting some old content so that the users can again remember the product or the services. Contests and giveaways can also be organized to make your ecommerce business successful.

Author Bio: Mathew Charles is a famous social media expert who works in a reputed organization. In this article, he is suggesting some tips for increasing the Instagram likes for the ecommerce business.

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