Three Tips for Using WordPress More Effectively

By | August 1, 2015

Starting as a simple idea before 2003, WordPress is now a useful tool that helps people to create, publish and manage their blogs. Being the top dog in the area of blogging, you’re sure to find plenty of blogs that are powered by WordPress – it’s pretty much as easy as finding somewhere that sells hamburgers in New York. However, despite the popularity of WordPress amongst bloggers worldwide, many aren’t utilizing the full amount of features that WordPress has to offer. Whilst some of these features can be more difficult to find, many are right in front of us – and still aren’t being used to their full potential. If you’re looking for ways to use WordPress more effectively and utilize all its features well, read on for some handy tips.

WordPress More Effectively

Check Your Stats

It seems like such an obvious feature, but you’d be surprised at how many WordPress users have no idea where or how to check the stats of their blog. Other people take the odd glance at their statistics, but don’t do anything afterwards. Understanding the importance of checking your blog statistics and acting accordingly can make all the difference to the amount of traffic your blog gets. For example, checking your stats may show you that when you tweet, you get more traffic from Twitter – giving you a proven and effective way to increase your traffic.

Pay Attention to Comments

When somebody leaves a comment, this allows you to see that person’s name, website URL, and email address. Paying attention to this information is important – it allows you to use their name when getting back to them, and the email address provides you with a way to contact them if you choose to do so. Remember to never send a nasty email or response to any unsavory comments, and always keep commenters email addresses private, and never subscribe them to any email newsletters unless you’ve got their permission. Use the email addresses left by commenters as a way to build and strengthen a good relationship with your readers, as this will open up opportunities for sales or even more.

Schedule Your Blog Posts

A great tool provided by WordPress that definitely doesn’t get enough recognition is the ability to schedule your blog posts in advance. Whether you’re blogging about recipes, Sioux Falls advertising or how-to guides, scheduling your blog posts will give you the reassurance that no matter what time you wake up or start writing, your post will be published to your blog at the right time. By using this tool you are able to prepare blog posts even months in advance, giving you plenty of chance to proofread and make sure that everything is perfect before you publish it on your blog.

How do you get the best from your WordPress blog? Do you have any advice for new WordPress users? We’d love to hear any advice and tips that you may have, or simply about your experiences as a WordPress user in the comments below.

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