The Importance of Good Photography for an Online Clothing Store

By | November 28, 2015

Online products would never sell without a photograph; it is how they bridge the gap between a physical shopping experience and an online one. Although this is true for virtually any product out there, good photography is absolutely pivotal in the fashion industry, particularly online boutiques.

Photography for an Online Clothing Store

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Why is good photography so important?

If the product does not look professional, it will never merit its price tag, nor perhaps will it sell at all. Fortunately, professional-looking photographs no longer come with the professional photographer’s bill, in that they can be taken by you in such a way that your product and website, retains the ultimate professional feel.

Lighting is a big consideration, as it would be in a high street fashion boutique. Bright, well-exposed pictures against a white background will show your clothing off in the best light, as well as give the viewer more vital information on the color, shape and size.

Although jazzy patterned backgrounds may seem like a good idea, nothing shows your product off better than white, so keep backgrounds clean and simple. Otherwise customers end up confused, making them less likely to make a purchase or continue browsing.

Being able to try something on is a huge part of a shopping experience, and one which online retailers struggle to find an alternative for. The better your pictures are, the more information the customer is able to gather about whether the cut would suit them and whether the size looks as though it could be right.

How many photos?

The more photos, the better. Although do not compromise amount for quality; 1 fantastic quality picture is better than 5 average ones. But obviously the best outcome is 5 fantastic quality ones. Show the item from all angles, drawing closer attention to details such as collars, pockets and patterns, and show what it looks like on a model from a few different angles too.

What should be in them?

The best online boutiques, who understand the importance of photography, always show what the item would look like when combined with other pieces, especially ones that are currently on trend. The more things you match the item with, the more tempting it will become to the consumer, and will also give you the platform to show off other pieces from the collection.

It is also a good idea to take photos of items for different occasions, so be creative and dress them up or down in your photos to make the customers begin to plan what they would wear it with, and to where.

So if your business is based completely online, and you cannot offer your customer a visual and tactile experience, why not do all you can to ensure your product is beautifully represented and as tempting as it would be in a store. Harness the power of professional-looking photography to increase interest, drive up clickthroughs, give your business the right image, and crucially, improve your sales!

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