Stylish as well as Fastest loading google Fonts

By | January 3, 2016

Stylish as well as fast loading google fonts

Do you know fonts on your blog affects your site’s loading time? You need fast as well as stylish fonts to impress your visitors to make them visit your site regularly.

In this article, I am going to show you some great fonts from google fonts to use on your site to increase the speed of your site. the process to change the fonts on your blog is different and it depends on your Content management system.

If you are on WordPress or Joomla or any Content management system or you can say Blog management system, you can change fonts by changing it from Style sheet of your theme.

If you are on Blogspot, you can refer this tutorial to change fonts on your blog.  So, let us start with the first font that I liked from Google fonts which is fast in loading.

1. Slabo

Slabo is the fastest from the fonts I have selected. It is only available for 1 strongness, Page load of this font is only 13 which is really great.

You can find this font on google fonts. It will really suit best for your blog posts. You can replace your blog post fonts with these fonts very easily. Google will give you the quick step-by-step tutorial to do so.

2. Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is the one I liked the most. It is because there is no bullshit in fonts and they are really simple and stylish. Loading time of the font is only 18 which is really really good.

It will speed up your site’s loading time as well if you have used the fonts that take more time to get loaded. As I said above, google will show you how to add that fonts to your site.

3. Lora

Page load of Lora is 28 which is higher than the fonts given above but it comes with 4 different styles that you can use on your blog. This font is not sans but it is really great! I have used it on some of my blogs and I like them a lot too!

Not only me, Lora is one of the most popular fonts on Google fonts and is being used on lots of sites. It is from top 10 popular fonts in google fonts.

4. Montserrat

Again, Fast loading font with Page load only 14 which is really impressive. It is quite bold as well as easy to use on your blog. I have never used it on my blog but I am going to replace fonts of one of my blog with this one.


Conclusion: Speed of your site is mostly dependent on the below given factors:

  1. Host (I prefer Interserver – Get Interserver web hosting using this code).
  2. Fonts (Use any from above-given fonts or select any best font from google fonts).
  3. Scripts (Never use Non-trusted Scripts on your site, It will harm your site a lot)

If possible, Make your code very simple and with proper care, you can take loading time of your site below 1 second to boost up rankings in google. If you have any question related to this topic, Comment it down! I am here to solve it!

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