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Sash Window Repair and Installation in Epsom UK

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Are you looking for a reliable sash window repair or new installation service in Epsom?

Sash windows are one of the oldest forms of window construction. They are traditionally used in the building of the English Tudor style, and can be found in many old English homes across the country. Sash windows are tall windows characterized by the use of sashes, or dual-glazed sliding panels. This allows for easy airflow, and is often used in conjunction with traditional curtains. Although sash windows are intended to be easy to operate, they often become stuck or damaged over time, and require sash window repair.

Sash windows are a common type of window found in many homes throughout the U.K and Europe, but they often require replacement due to damage or wear and tear. Sash windows are usually made up of two sections that slide vertically along a rail called sashes, which is why they’re also sometimes referred to as “double-hung” windows. The top section slides up when opened while the bottom section remains fixed; this allows for more ventilation during warm months of the year.

We offer sash window installation and repair services to clients all over the UK, including Epsom.

We can repair or replace damaged woodwork on timber windows – such as sash window frames-or broken glass in UPVC units; we also provide a maintenance service to ensure the longevity of your new installation with regular cleaning services for all types during winter months when they are more vulnerable!

sash window repair Epsom

Sash Window Repair in Epsom

Sash windows are a beautiful feature of many older homes, but they require regular maintenance and repair.

Many homeowners don’t know where to start when it comes to maintaining or repairing their sash windows.

T3 Design offers an affordable service for all your window needs. Whether you need repairs on your existing windows or new ones installed, our team can help with any job big or small. We also offer a wide range of services including glazing, painting and installation of secondary glazing systems like double-glazed units to improve energy efficiency in your home (this will reduce heating costs). Let us help you achieve the perfect look for your property!


Sash window replacement can offer a variety of opportunities for properly transforming your home’s exterior. Our team provides custom sash windows that make improving on how much light comes into your living room an easy endeavor. From the design, material and colour options we offer to our installation services-we have you covered.

We offer free site visits and quotations so you know what’s involved before making any commitments!


• Custom sash windows are designed, fitted and installed to perfectly meet your needs
• We can offer a variety of design/colour options for your new window- any style you like
• An expert team will come to install the product after it has been insured- security is a priority
• A long warranty ensures that even years down the road we’re there to fix any issues with your installation

sash window replacement Epsom

Sash Window Replacement

Sash windows are a classic and beautiful architectural detail. Originally, they were designed to be opened for ventilation purposes, in order to let fresh air into the home. This is still their primary function today. However, many people have found that this style of window has become old and damaged over time due to harsh weather conditions or other factors.

Sash window replacement isn’t a job for amateurs. You need to know what you’re doing or the whole thing can turn into an expensive nightmare. When it comes to replacement, the most important consideration is getting a window that matches your existing windows.

If you have concerns about your old damaged sash windows or would like more information on how we can help with any aspect of refurbishment or installation please contact one of Epsom experts today for an impartial assessment at no obligation.