Parallax Scrolling Techniques that every web designer must know

By | January 24, 2017

These days there are many websites been started with very good content. So, to make your web site stand out as one special site, you need to take care on some web design techniques.

Parallax scrolling is one out of the innovative thoughts to your web site. The technique is that the effects created by having the background moving in a slower pace than the foreground as you’re scrolling down a webpage. This effect creates a deep illusion that draws the viewer’s attraction while they are navigating through the web site.

This gives your website an interesting look and makes you feel the ease of using it or navigating through it. If the background you opt is really apt to the content, then the effect gives 3D view of the content with related background moving slowly.

Advantage of using Parallax scrolling

parallax scrolling

It grabs the user’s attention and makes user experience to reach its peak level. This makes the user to stay back in the site and follow the content.

Here are some effects caused by parallax effects and that are successful using this Parallax technique.

Parallax content slider with CSS3 and jquery

The content in the site moves to the side as if like sliding with a slight movement in the background.

Create a Funky Parallax background using clouds

The clouds are scrolling in these sites and make you feel travelling from one place to other while reading the content.

CSS3 Parallax Scrolling Slider

The total site page is slider with a change in the background to give you a fresh look and feel in the website.

Fluid CSS3 Slideshow with Parallax effect

The content and pictures on the foreground move on the site in the opposite direction.

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