Tips for Using an Online Presence to Generate Foot Traffic into Your Physical Store

By | April 1, 2016

For a lot of companies, an online store isn’t an appropriate revenue stream, however with so many customers moving to and preferring an online experience, it can be difficult for these companies to stay in business. However, as we will explain below, there are a number of ways in which a traditional brick and mortar store can use an online presence to attract customer to their physical store.

Additional Services

If you’re going to have an online presence then it would be a mistake not to also sell your items via the medium. However, if selling your items isn’t entirely practical or profitable, offer additional benefits to customers who visit your store and view your products. Private viewings for high-end items or personal fittings for clothing items or designer shoes are just two great ways which would entice a customer to move from viewing your products online to walking into your store.

Discounts and Coupons

If there’s one thing that every customer loves, it’s a coupon or a discount – so use these to your advantage. Similar to the Carter’s Groupon Coupon page which hosts a number of vouchers, enlist this or a similar service to market discounts to your customers, however, in your instance, your discounts would be geared towards enticing customers in-store. Linked to the service above, a coupon for a complimentary fitting service or experience can be a great offer for new and existing customers.

Facilitate Impulse Buys

Have you noticed that grocery stores are offering a mixture of home delivery and what is being widely referred to as ‘Click and Collect’? While many business operators struggle to understand why this exists, the purpose is to continue to facilitate impulse buys. As an example, imagine that you have filled your online grocery bag and have arranged for a time to collect your items on the way home from work. During your drive, you receive a call from a family member asking you pick up something small. While this smaller item may be available at a store close to your work or even during your drive, because you already have a booking at your grocery store, they are now the ones who will sell you this item. Before you know it, smaller shopping which you would have completed at a more local store has now been shifted to your big-chain grocery store.

While analyst originally saw online shopping take over and disrupt traditional brick and mortar stores, when utilized appropriately, an online presence can become a powerful tool to drive your physical store.

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