How to Avoid Common Photoshop Mistakes

By | March 11, 2016

How to Avoid Common Photoshop Mistakes

The most important that Web designer uses more vigorously is Photoshop tool. We have to avoid some common practices which using Photoshop. It is marked as standard image editor for all designers. There are some activities that should not be done while using Photoshop and a designed must know these mistakes to avoid them.

  • Messing up with Layers: When working on complex design, we generally end up with bunch of layers. Designer should delete and organize properly. Renaming your layers as you go is preferred, so that it will make sense to you the next time you open your document.
  • Wrong way of Using: For some minute changes like resizing, scaling or retyping it is better not to use Photoshop as there are many other small tools available with same performance.
  • Creating Logos: Yes, Of course we can create Logos using Photoshop but for to avoid argument it is better to use other tools like Illustrator which is best suited for this job.
  • Shortcuts: One can save time and energy in using shortcuts. There is shortcut provision for every design in Photoshop. It is better to go with those shortcuts which will reduce both time and energy.
  • Converting: Photoshop is most likely used for image conversions. We generally choose Image > Adjustments > Desaturate to convert your image to black and white. This will change the clarity of the image. To avoid this we have to choose Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer. Then adjust color channels and this will provide richer image.
  • Effects: Effects like Drop shadows, Beveled, embossed should also be treated properly and with care. This should look like soft and not dramatic. When applying a drop shadow effect, make sure to pay attention to other lighting in the image as it looks like fake image.

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