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By | September 8, 2017

We can be a bit inefficient at times. Take the generation and management of contracts. There’s nothing better than signing a contract to add a new client. However, when the contract can’t be found in order to update dates or prices or the client wants to see it, then unprofessionalism may emerge and business could be lost. The good news is today’s technology offers numerous contract management system options which are easily installed and quickly be used not only within the office but mobile as well.

When not if, you decide to go with contract management software you need to know ahead of time what you’re looking for. Companies like Cobblestone Systems offer many options in their packages. These include the ability to scan and upload existing paper contracts, create new contracts, and generate client profiles where the contracts can be linked.

In addition to storage, this type of management application can set a number of tracking agents to avoid loss of data. These may include the ability to create custom reports, email alerts and calendars, create task lists, track check-ins when contracts are opened, and handle performance tracking to determine if all items on the contract are being performed.

Another thing to request information on when you speak to a contract management company is the ability to take the work on the road. Some packages are browser-based. This means employees access a URL and enter their username and password to access the contract software. What appears on their laptop or tablet is what they see at the office. This allows for quicker access to contract review or the ability to sign paperwork on-site.

How do this increase productivity and income? In terms of productivity, you can read the previous paragraph on mobile access. Being able to review or sign contracts while on location saves time and money as representatives do not have to drive back to the office to do this work. The increase in income comes from reliable tracking of contracts and progress. This keeps clients happy and ready to return for another contract as well as recommend others who you can work with. Plus, you save a good deal on paper and printer toner.

It all sounds good. However, make sure you do your research before you make a decision on the software you’ll use.

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