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By | February 16, 2013

Building a website is no longer an issue that you need to spend sleepless nights over. With the developing of hundreds of website creators, building your own website is not only an easy task, but also a process that you may even enjoy very much.

IMCreator: features and benefits

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One of the top website creator software is IMCreator. The software is loaded with enticing features that will help you create a website no matter what purpose it is meant for.

Visual editor

The editor provided with IMCreator is completely visual. When you are creating your website, you can easily drag each and every page element to drop it and, thus, have it repositioned according to your preference and custom design. These elements would include videos, paragraphs, slideshows, galleries, menus, contact forms as well as sub-menus. You can also easily resize them, in the same way, as you would do in any word processor or an image editor. You can resize the page elements by simply dragging the corners or edges. Another interesting feature of this website building software is that as you resize them, the images will automatically crop and fit themselves to the dimensions in the layout. Moreover, you can also make a stack of the page elements one over another; so, that way, you can place an image and then place a text box on top of it, all without any kind of hassles at all. You can also insert a new HTML code from any kind of a third party service. All you need to do is copy and paste the HTML code into the edit HTML box.

Themes and templates

The IMCreator also offers you a wide array of pre-designed templates, which was also customizable once you start building your website on one of the templates. The variations provided in the range of the pre-designed templates has such an array that you can make a website with a proper layout for practically any industry possible, including artists, photography, restaurants, legal, real estate, designers, hotels and much more. The themes provided by IMCreator have been developed by a collaboration of various designers, in order to create such an assortment of elegant themes and templates.

Mobile support

You can also view the website of the website builder software from your Smartphone. If you just want to try the IMCreator once, you can do just that entirely free of cost. The website offers you a free plan that will create a sub domain for your free trail. Although it only provides you with 50 MB worth hosting, yet you can avail the unlimited supply of the wonderful templates. Those of you, who still think that using the IMCreator may still go beyond you, need to stop fretting and have just one go at this wonderful website creator. It is actually a lot easier that you can even imagine. Every feature is customizable, so you no longer need to stick to the boring templates like other website creators. The output website and its layout is guaranteed to be exactly want you want, as if it has been tailor made for you and nothing less.

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