Five Free Web 2.0 Templates

By | March 18, 2013

Web 2.0 is yet another revolutionary outcome of technology. Web 2.0 can be designed using templates. These templates are extremely helpful and useful in that they not only make your website look attractive and flashy, but also help to save you a lot of time as well as effort. In that sense, when you download free Web 2.0 templates, you are also taking a big step to making your website popular. Free Web 2.0 templates change the overall look of your website from a simple, matter of fact web page to a colorful, attractive and personalized website. Five free Web 2.0 templates are as follows:

Free Web 2.0 Templates

  1. Greefies: This is a beautiful template that uses only HTML and CSS. Moreover, it does not use any kind of tables. It is based on green, blue and grey. It has four pages that you can use for your website. It uses XHTML 1.0 Transitional. The template has a fixed width of two columns. The template is perfect for using for sites about medicine, organic cosmetics, health care and the like. You can view the template here:
  2. Beauty Co: This is another beautiful Web 2.0 template that uses XHTML 1.0 traditional codes. It is based on purple and yellow. It is perfect for beauty products and an online shopping site for beauty products. The template has a fixed width of two columns. You can view the template here:
  3. ColorNotes:  This is a free blogger template that you can use for creating blogging sites. It has been adapted by WordPress. It has two columns. It is styled as a magazine and has the sidebar on the right side. The top bar has drop down menus for the visitors and the template is ads ready. It also allows you to post thumbnails. The corners are rounded. You can view the template here:
  4. MusicStore: The Music Store template has also been adapted from WordPress and is a very good and suitable template for music sites. This is also a free blogger template that is extremely user friendly. It has two columns. The side bar is on the left side. The template also allows scope for footer columns. You can post thumbnails as well. the top bar also has drop down menus. Additionally, the template offers you the scope for showing slideshows. You can view the template here:
  5. NewsChannel: The News Channel is the perfect template if you want to create a blog site for news and similar items. Based on a background color of grey, the template is simple yet very elegant. It has a width of two columns and has the sidebar on the right. It also has a footer column. You can view the template here:

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