What are the basic features of a web hosting plan? Things to consider when buying a plan

By | December 11, 2017

When you plan to start an online business, one of the top priorities of yours should be to select an affordable and worthy web hosting service. These days, there are too many fraudulent web hosting plans on the hunt to make money and disappear. This guide is aimed to create awareness of such plans and help people not to fall prey to such frauds. Also, we tell you the top things to consider when buying a plan so that you know clearly what they are offering.

  1. Control panel: This should be your top priority. This is basically the User interface of your web hosting service. Make sure everything falls in place and adheres to your taste. Also, make sure it’s coherent and you don’t have to cringe looking at the options. One way you can differentiate between a top notch web hosting services with a mediocre one is that the former one gives you full access rather than restricting. Make very sure that you have access to all settings before buying. Do not go too much for the aesthetics but rather go for functionality.
  2. Tech support every hour: This is a no brainer. You should be certain that the web host you are investing in should have a responsible tech support 24×7, both mail and call. If you happen to run in an issue on Sunday night, your web host should resolve it instantaneously. Otherwise, it not worth it. Also, the website should have troubleshooting information and should offer helpful videos for beginners. Note that a few hours of delay can cause lots of damage to your business and you may lose tons of clients for this tiny mistake.
  3. Unlimited mailboxes and instant click app installs: One of the best selling points of a great business is its integrity which shows in professionalism. Some of the low end and mediocre web hosts offer limited mailboxes but quality ones always offer unlimited number of mailboxes. The name of your business should be reflected in all your employees mail addresses. An employee can create number of mails for himself for different purposes using this feature. Also, an automated mail when you’re away shows integrity.

Also make sure that your web host offers instant one click app installs. This comes in really handy when you are busy. You can install lots of add-ons and portals which enhance your functionality.

Conclusion: As we saw, the above three features should be in your checklist when buying a web hosting service. Do not fall for attractive unessential features that many web hosting services offer today. Instead focus on these essential features and you will be good to go. Try the control panel first and foremost when you consider buying a plan. If you are happy with it, head to the tech support and notice every detail of support they offer. This can be making or break type of business for you and having a good web host tremendously increase your chances of success.

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