Apple iPhone 8 Features and rumours

By | April 3, 2017

According to rumors, Apple is going to present its new iPhone in the month of September. The prices are not clearly mentioned but it is expected that iPhone8 and iPhone 8+ is going to be the most successful mobile of 2017.

Lets us give a check about its features and rumours:

  • This year Apple launch iPhone 8 there are so many feature in it which you cant imagine iPhone 8 is the best invention in entire world. It changes the whole era technology stream. I
  • I phone 8 has outstanding features which we can image but in this year Apple go beyond their imagination to invent iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Feature:

The smart phone support a new force touch home button , they came in new storage option . there is no. 3.5mm audio jack and so on apple has introduced 3.2 GB as the lowest offering for the iPhone 7. In iPhone 8 the storage will be expand it will be 128 GB .Apple has upgraded the camera on both the iPhone 7 & iphone7plus so we just find out what will be the next . There is an intelligent Apple built wireless chip that connects the Air pods with all Apple devices seamlessly using a Bluetooth like technology it is best feature in iPhone. The main problem in normal phones water and dust can harm the phones but in iPhone they can last in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes


  • Rumors are related to iPhone 8 . There are so many rumors but we just talk about the best rumors related to iPhone 8.
  • When iPhone is launch there are so many dates for launch the iPhone but most of the people think on 13 September or 29 June.
  • I phone 8 will be flexible it can band very easily and apps were open for their banding position.
  • It has exclusive camera the dual camera feature to standard looks
  • It has iris scanning technology it makes your phone extreme protective because for open your password you have to use your eyes.
  • Its home button is very attractive because there is no home button on it.
  • This iPhone is made by whole glass. It has glass body to attractive the people.
  • In this iPhone first time all processor chip it can make your phone smarter than every phones.
  • In this phone they us OLED display and it makes their own light and OLED display is the best nature of this phone.

I know, all this features and rumors are very much exciting and it is going to be much more exciting when smartphone is going to released. All its rumors and features are already rotating in my head. Apple Ringtone for iPhone are quite famous these days. If we get any new notification about it we will definitely going to update till then, if you have any doubt or query you can comment below. We will respond you as soon as possible.

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