5 Tools That Make Exterior Cleaning a Breeze

By | October 20, 2017

Exterior cleaning is one of those jobs that is easy to always put off. We understand that you are busy just trying to keep your homes interior in shape. But coming up the summer season you want to get your homes exterior looking at its best ready for entertaining guests. We understand that some jobs are easier to do than others. Our team from Endeavour Property Services offer House Washing throughout Hamilton, they have all the knowledge and advice to make your home look at its best. But if you are more of the DIY type, below read about the five must have tools that will make cleaning your homes exterior less of a chore!

  1. Pressure Washer

One of the most versatile and readily available exterior cleaning tools is the pressure washer. This tool can be used to carry out many tasks around your home including, cleaning outdoor furniture, fencing, driveway and exterior house cleaning. But care must be taking when using a pressure washer as it is a power tool and if used incorrectly the high pressure could damage your home.  But in order to not do any damage it is recommended to read manufacturers instructions on what degree of strength should be used on each surface. This is what makes pressure washers so versatile, because their nozzles are highly adjustable. Pressure washers are also readily available for hire, so if you have a one-off job that you need to do, you do not have to purchase a new

  1. Squeegee

A decent quality squeegee is a must have for exterior cleaning, a squeegee is a hand-held tool with a flat rubber blade used to pull liquid off a surface. It is a must have for exterior window cleaning, making it much easier to get a streak free finish. Luckily enough this is an easily affordable tool When used in combination with a quality cleaning solution it makes window cleaning easy!

  1. Telescopic Brush

A telescopic brush is a must have when it comes to cleaning your homes exterior as it enables you to reach hard to reach areas without the risk involved with using ladders. These brushes have an extendable handle so can be used for both low level and high-level cleaning. Some even have attachments to disperse cleaning solutions, this helps conserve cleaning solutions by diluting them with water. It is best to choose a cleaner with a soft brush as not to damage the paint of cladding on your home.

  1. Gutter Cleaning Attachment

A telescopic gutter cleaning hose attachment is a great tool when it comes to DIY exterior cleaning as it allows you to easily and safely clean you gutters from the ground. This tool diverts water directly into gutters to disperse blockages.

  1. Step Ladder

Having a good quality step ladder is extremely important when doing exterior cleaning. We recommend using on with a solid platform for resting buckets or tools. This is an extremely versatile tool for both internal and external house cleaning as it allows you to safely reach things and clean hard to reach areas. It can be useful for many tasks from window cleaning, house washing, unblocking gutters to general maintenance.

Although having the right tools can make exterior cleaning much easier, it is still a very strenuous and time-consuming job. These tools help to clean areas which you would not be easily able to reach otherwise. But it is important to be careful when working on hard to reach areas or using ladders. In some cases, it is not viable to do your exterior cleaning yourself and it is much safer to call in a team of professionals.

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