How to find Bad SEO Backlinks in 2017

By | July 12, 2017

With 3,581,612,795 Internet users all over the world, at the very moment, the number of searches made on Google per second is 4,029,892,261.

For any company or business, Google ratings do matter. For when an investor or even customers look up for the company’s website over the internet, that is the first impression they get and enhanced rating will lead to a better spot on any search engine.

What are SEO Tools?

Abbreviated as SEO, Search Engine Optimisation Tools, develop a mechanism providing effective strategies which instead improve a brand’s online visibility.

On surfing the net, the results page is mostly divided into two sections. Each searched query has two types websites:

  1. Paid Search Results: The advertiser needs to pay for his website to gain visibility and his ad is situated at the colored top right corner.
  2. Unpaid or Organic Search Results: The websites that are enlisted from the middle to the end of the search results.

What are Backlinks?

Making your site popular and worth visiting, by adding a link to your website on some other’s website or social media handle, is the fundamental concept of Backlinks.

In a layman’s words, Backlinks are inbound links which build a channel for one’s website to move over the internet. Check backlinks from free tool on

Backlinks and SEO

While indexing and ranking a website, backlinks become extremely useful to search engines. Considering the quality of a backlink, a good backlink constitutes-

  • Originating from a source which is reliable and reputable
  • Only sites containing relevant information will include it
  • The text present in the link is visible on the web page and thus demands to a be a strong keyword.
  • The website containing these Backlinks will be of no use if it doesn’t engage its visitor with relevant and key information.

Finding Bad Backlinks

Only the quality of website decides whether the Backlink is good or bad. Bad Backlinks are always easier to locate, and non-removal of the same can have a detrimental effect on your website.

  • A website set up just for SEO links

Not just penalizing but also reporting your website as Spam, search engines are very strict with links that are added to pages which are irrelevant to your website content. Gaining visitors in an unfair manner and cheating the system comes under the umbrella of Black Hat SEO.

  • Comments of other websites which produce links
  • More than necessary optimization of anchor texts in websites
  • Links having duplicate texts
  • Links from other geographic places having no relation with the position of your target audience.

Removing Bad Backlinks

  • Contacting the website owner directly, and requesting the removal
  • Get rid of low-quality pages your website is linked to
  • Disavowing links
  • Drastic but most helpful- Starting over with a new domain name

To conclude with, using backlinks to make an advantage in improving the visibility of one’s website in search engines is a central segment of SEO. On top of that, going by the guidelines mentioned, one can be rest ensured of making the most out of his/her’s website’s backlink character.

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