Does Telstra Still Hold the Title of “The Best Mobile Network” In Australia?

By | August 11, 2017

Ever since its conception in 1901, and after many mergers and name-changing, Telstra has only grown bigger. Today, Telstra is not only one of the largest providers but also one of the leading telecommunication and media companies in Australia.

The company offers a range of entertainment products and services. Despite being a little costly, Telstra has a customer base of millions because it serves exactly what it promises.

However, a setback last year caused many questions to be raised on Telstra’s longstanding reputation. On February 2016, the cacophony of voices, messages and connections from the virtual world suddenly broke down and had Telstra’s millions of subscribers in agitation. And even though the service was restored shortly after, everyone wanted to know what really happened?

Telstra explained that behind this humongous slip-up was just a solitary technician who had failed to follow the company’s procedures. One single blunder led to a domino effect, as one system after another began to crash. This little glitch in the otherwise untainted history would have been ignored if not for what followed after. In May, Telstra’s customers experienced their fourth network outage.

And that is why, many are wondering, is Telstra still the best in the market? The answer is yes, it still is.

Here’s why:

·        They know they messed up:

Without any excuses or justifications, Telstra accepted its error. It was also quick to make up for it. As a compensation for these outages, Telstra provided multiple free data days to its users, which ended up breaking records for most downloads in a 24-hour period. In addition, Telstra also announced to spend $50 million on its mobile network in order to end these outages once and for all.

·        Their Mobile Network has the best coverage:

Shut downs or not, Telstra mobile plans have the best coverage.  Telstra’s 4G network is widespread and has more coverage than anyone else’s. This keeps their customers connected on the go, no matter in which part of Australia they are. Telstra’s 4G network already covers 98 percent of the population. And it is anticipated to increase to 99 percent by the end of June 2017.

·        They have their eyes set on the future:

Telstra is always working to evolve, solve and learn more. As a result, their speed and service just keeps getting better. Telstra has the fastest mobile network in Australia. While other networks work with their eye on the present, Telstra works for the future. It aims to provide a new kind of network for a new kind of world – that’s their motto. A world where more and more people will be connecting to the network at once, Telstra’s will be so fast that it will not even stop to buffer videos.

·        They serve in the most remote areas:

Even in the most remote parts of Australia, mobile is a necessity. To serve this population, Telstra has created satellite mobile solutions. Something, other networks have yet to achieve.

Even today, Telstra is the best and leading mobile networking company in Australia and its reputation is only soaring every day.

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